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Evangelos Pappas is an Associate Professor of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiology & Radiotherapy, Department of Biomedical Sciences, and α Research Associate at the University of Texas, MD Anderson, San Antonio, Texas, USA. He holds a Degree in Physics (EKPA), MSc in Medical Physics (University of Aberdeen UK), PhD (School of Medicine, EKPA). He has 12 years of clinical experience (St. Savvas Hospital) and 25 years of research experience in the field of Medical Physics of Radiotherapy. In 1999, as part of his doctoral thesis, he developed and presented the first alternative polymer gel dosimeter (VIPAR gels) with application in 3D Dosimetry in Radiotherapy (since then, numerous independent publications internationally related to the use of VIPAR gels for radiotherapy applications). His research interests over the last 5 years are focused on dosimetry and quality assurance of modern radiotherapy applications, with an emphasis on Stereotactic Radiosurgery of brain tumors and Proton Radiotherapy. His google scholar profile can be found here: